I read K.F. Kirwin’s :Haunted Bedtime Stories” a couple of weeks ago and have now forced myself to sit down and write these words. In short, Stories was far from my cup of tea. Yes, there were ghosts in it, so I can’t get onto Kirwin for misleading the audience in that sense.

Where I went wrong in my expectations was going into this book with the mindset of a horror reader, ready for macabre twists and turns with a slew of dastardly characters to root for. Sadly, this was where Stories failed to deliver for me.  Not to bash Kirwin’s writing but I had a hard time being captivated enough to finish each short story in one sitting. The stories themselves weren’t bad, but it would have fit in better with a reader looking for melodrama, dry humor, and aging romance. If I had that mindset reading this, I would have blown through the book with a huge smile on my face.  This was a book that my Grandma would have enjoyed, but served in my case as a bedtime supplement.

haunted_bedtime_storiesCoverI must admit there was one story I did like that involved a sort of retirement home for artistic ghosts. As a writer and literary fan, that story was a fun read, and I would hope that Kirwin continues to write stories of that caliber.

There is an audience for this book out there and I’m sure they will enjoy it, but personally, if you’re looking for a frightfully fun time, you’re sleeping in the wrong bed with Bedtime Stories.

If you are interested in purchasing Haunted Bedtime Stories: http://www.amazon.com/Haunted-Bedtime-Stories-ebook/dp/B005JTYGY8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368577017&sr=8-1&keywords=haunted+bedtime+stories